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THE PROPHECY ( 2014 ) 2014/04/18

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Oh saddest day the world recalls

The sunrise fails the darkness falls

Man cannot bear the ugly pain

How long until true peace will reign ?

The time draws nigh twill reappear

Chance quite a few will yet be here,

Like Noah and his party small

They will begin life over all.

Oh what a joy that time will be

Fulfillment of the prophecy !



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It seems that love won’t always stay

Oft times it drifts or fades away

To leave us lost and wishing for

A love that lasts forever more.

But such as this can never be

No ardor earns eternity

There’s only one I’ll share with you

Its force exists still strong and true.

The love of God is kind and fair

He holds us in His loving care

Demanding naught for us to learn

Except we’re faithful in return !



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