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WHATEVER PLEASES ME ( 2020 ) 2020/02/07

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Oh  how I wish  that I might  be

An  apple on an  apple  tree

Or  strawberries  upon a plate

With  breakfast served by half past eight.

Perhaps a glass of  orange juice

Or  portion  of vanilla  mousse

Oh  how much fun  that  it would be

To  eat  whatever  pleases  me.

Now cookies,  cake  and things  like that

Go  pretty  far to add  some  fat

So  I’ll  abstain  best as I  can

But  I refuse to  give  up  flan !


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA “LONGEVITY” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/31

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I awoke this AM from a dream of a long ago memory !  It was spring 1936, I was a little girl in a pretty ruffled dress at the wedding of my mothers only sister to a man who always smiled !  Tho’ they were both a bit old for the occasion !  Now I believe there must be a reason for the dream, never dreamt of them before !  My Aunt Olga must not be confused with “old” Aunt Olga, this was my godmother, born in a flat on Willow in Hoboken, March 25, 1910, Good Friday.  My Pop called her his “hot cross bun”.  As a girl she played piano and soloed as a choir soprano in several local churches.  Exceedingly ambitious, graduated from Katherine Gibbs,    she became a bilingual court stenographer and translator in N.Y. court system.  She met her future husband, college graduate and rising “management” at Hanover Bank downtown.  Of course their “paradise” ended with Pearl Harbor, as Selective Service rapidly drafted 1 A’s,  single, married, no children, college degree, those on the edge of age 38, before they avoided  draft eligibility.  My uncle was fluent in English, German and French, he became part of the cadre of those administering  justice and prosecution of war crimes, an experience from which he never truly recovered !  My aunt became the companion and driver of Anne Morrow Lindbergh when she lived in New Jersey years ago and loved her job.  They worked hard, were kind and loving, sharing a long life together, entering the Bergen Pines Veteran’s Home where they both died in late 90’s.  Rare indeed, yes?  The greatest generation !!

Sincerely,                                      Claire B.


DATELINE: HOBOKEN, NJ, USA “BE PREPARED” ( 2013 ) 2013/08/05

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In early 1943, the preplanning and superior amounts of arms and power of the enemy forces were taking the larger toll of the Allied resources and men.  Civilians at home had to step up to increased responsibilities.  Farmers left the cornfields to join the battlefields  and I became one of the teens who chose to spend that summer working the land for room and board in the place of a father and son who went to serve their country in the USMC.  Some experience, a dairy farm upstate New York raising hay, melons, milking cows by hand, fighting mange with sulphur and petroleum ( ugh ).  Learning to ride a workhorse, clean stalls, raise chickens, collect eggs, bale hay, 1940’s style !  You know, cows got milked twice a day. Another “ugh”  was artificial insemination !  I have always been a quick learner, thankfully.  That summer without the beach, popcorn or the boardwalk, reminded me of the Girl Scout promise I had made to do my duty to God and my country, to help one another and to be prepared !  What wonderful values youngsters learned in the scouting movement, not what you can do for me, but as JFK said, “what I can do for my country”.  Why have we forgotten so much, why does everything seem upside- down ?  When did we get sidetracked by ME, ME, ME ?  The age of Aquarius ?  This  morning I read Chapter 3 of 2nd  Timothy and found one answer,  do you think it’s the correct one ?  Do you believe that America has lost her way ?  I hope not.


Claire B.


DATELINE: Hoboken, NJ USA “LEST WE FORGET” ( 2013 ) 2013/07/04

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Where are we now? By 1939 the Great Depression was taking a breather !  The PWA and the WPA had been busy building schools, libraries, city halls, hospitals, county and state institutions for years.  While two and a half million brave adventurous young lads from farm and city across this nation became the heart and strength of the CCC movement.  They criss-crossed our country clearing lakes and rivers, planting 17 million trees, surveying hills and mountains, building roads, dams and bridges.  At the same time saving  their families from the impact of poverty by earning a monthly stipend of $30 from the program, $22 of which was sent directly home leaving them each eight dollars for their own use!  This was the brainchild of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the right man at the right time!  They swarmed across our land with hope and sacrifice, only a few years later to be called upon to fight our attackers in WWII.  These were our “greatest generation” and when the time came, they streamed across the deserts of Africa, the sands of Iwo Jima, the beaches of Normandy and the surf of the Solomon’s !  Next time you stroll among those familiar structures in your neighborhood, check out the year on those brick and concrete lintels and cornerstones, if the dates fall within 1933 to 1943 time frame, chances are they were built by the men and boys who labored long and hard to save their homeland !  Learn to be aware and appreciate the contribution of these “the meanest tools that we may chance to use”.  Familiar,huh?



Claire B.



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In Philadelphia, July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress formally adopted Mr. Jefferson’s masterpiece !  However, our national anthem which began as a poem written by a 35-year old Maryland lawyer ( who wasn’t born until 3 years after the signing of our nation’s birth certificate ) while he was being detained, a British prisoner on the deck of a warship in Baltimore Harbor on September 13, 1814.  The fleet continued a crushing bombardment of  Fort McHenry throughout the night, the Americans had ordered the largest flag to overfly the encampment to encourage the occupants of Baltimore.  On the morning of the 14th, when the smoke had cleared the question was heard, “oh say, can you see” and the answer was, “yes” !  Well, that insignificant poem written on the back of an envelope exists today with the entire world recognizing its power !  And yet the War of 1812, first invasion of our homeland, doesn’t warrant interest ?  Reminds me that the reason behind our war of independence was, hold on, take a deep breath, “taxation without representation” !  I believe America needs a refresher course, don’t you?  And who is in charge of “TRUTH.COM”, anyone you know?  “Not I”, said Ducky Lucky, “not I”, said Turkey Lurkey; farmyard tales, oh no!  While those brave men in Indian war paint tossed that whole cargo of tea into Boston Harbor, the rest of the citizenry backed them up !  Since there was no coffee, probably just chickory, did they drink wine or beer?  Well, it’s our birthday again and we are all here, although we are still in need of truth and glory !



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What do you know about the classic epic poem “Evangeline”?  Basic details, but not the “heartless” truths behind its creation by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow of “Hiawatha” fame?  “Evangeline”  is not a simple romantic tale of love gone awry, but the saga of an ethnic cleansing tragedy that actually occured 1745-1755 on our continent and impacted our nation in ways untold !  Remember the original colonizers “due north” of us were French fur traders, explorers, settlers with Samuel de Champlain at the helm in 1603.  “Hello”, Lake Champlain?  Let’s tax your knowledge of history once again, think French and Indian War, where that boy ‘who cut down the cherry tree” earned his stripes and became a HERO!  Moving on, the French had settled Nova Scotia, called Acadia,New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island ( the Maritimes ) and Quebec 150 years prior to the Brits appearing on that scene !  The year 1755, the French lost, the Acadians were neutral , not good enough !  Next “The Great Expulsion” relocating the Acadians after separating men from women and children .  Load the men onto English man’o’wars and dump them in the swamps of French Louisiana prior to the Revolutionary War and the “Purchase” by Jefferson.  Transport the rest to ports along the lower Atlantic coast from Maine to Vineyard’s Harbor ( Cape Cod ) to prevent increasing numbers above the possibly remaining 20,000.  However, without the Acadians who “morphed” into Cajuns, we could have lost the Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815 in the War of 1812 along with Andrew Jackson’s eventual presidential win.  I failed to cite “Mardi Gras” et al, their gift to us!



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Do you know the story of Mary Hays McCauley nee Ludwig?  Born 1754, Trenton, NJ, more commonly known as “Molly Pitcher” the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse June 28, 1778.  Last time I was there, more than 60 years ago, she was memorialized with a monument, a plaque and the famous cannon she manned when her husband fell !  In the “good old days”, children revered the brave deeds of those who”purchased” our freedom and rights as the youth of today idolize sports figures.  That June day was unusually hot, 100°F, it could be called the “World Series of Battles” as it included all the major players, all the stars of both TEAMS !  Washington, von Steuben, Marquis de Lafayette and Gen. Charles Lee ( who really struck OUT ) for the home team.  With Clinton and Cornwallis battling for the visitors !!  Americans, 12,000 men, British 11,000.  The cannon required water to cool down the barrel after each shot and a ramrod swab out !  Water girls were kept busy carrying water throughout each battle , most were wives.  Almost half of the casualties were due to heat stroke.  In 1822, Molly ( nickname for Mary ) was awarded a lifetime pension for her valor by the Pennsylvania assembly.  The victory at  Monmouth coming after the crossing at Trenton, ended the larger effort to win in the north and resulted in British retreat to the south, after their escape from Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  Molly Pitcher’s Well can still be visited !  How’s that for another homerun for our side ?  P.S. General Lee was court martialed as a coward, his “contract” was not renewed, but you guessed that !


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