Claire V. Bogdanos


ENOUGH ( 2013 ) 2013/08/28

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I’m so tired of war and rumors of war

That I find myself severely obsessed

With the thoughtless acts of a heartless core

Who strut about with much power possessed.

Can’t we return to the lost days of yore

When men had the courage to fight distress

And agree upon an alternate door

As the waste of war did wisemen impress !


5 Responses to “ENOUGH ( 2013 )”

  1. kiwiskan Says:

    I agree with what you are saying, but wonder if we were ever much better…


    • Perhaps not, but can you recall such anger or hypocrisy ? In this country it appears that God is dead in public schools, how do we recover from that ? I find the world in great need of empathy and faith and all I know how to do Is write and pray ! Your photos speak for you, quite fluently by the way !!


  2. Chagall Says:

    2013 – we really haven’t come that far at all, when you strip it all away. —–Chagall


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