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What is poetry?  I believe poets tell the ugly truth, but cushion the telling with soft and gentle words !  My father told me that something can’t be a lie unless it is based upon an actual fact, else it would be a simple fantasy !  Story telling !  Oh well, I’m not astute enough to be able  to distinguish the difference but it appears that I live in the right place at the right time !  I find myself torn by dichotomy, on one hand, Diogenes and on the other, Socrates.  The thought of carrying a candle searching for an honest man in these “tornadic” times seems senseless, but who chooses to drink hemlock to score a point ?  Kind of reminds one of the   ” Lady and the Tiger “.  When checking on my words and meaning, I find library “source” books much more factual than I.T. shorthand database which reports multiple opinions and conclusions in minutes, even seconds, as fact !  Scant time for nuances, sadly.  No more ancient volumes residing in the world’s most sacred library in Alexandria, Egypt, right? Only ashes?


Claire B.


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