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A DREAM TO FIND ( 2020 ) 2020/02/05

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Nightshades  have fallen,  all is dark

Tree  limbs above are  bare and stark

There  is this silence  that abounds

As  nature  softens all  her sounds.

Yet  I  can  see  stars  in the  sky

That  clouds keep  hiding from the eye

Oh  how I wish  that I could be

Some  wise old owl  perched in a tree

Who  comprehends that  hopes unwind

To  help us each  our dream  to find !



CLEAR SKIES ( 2019 ) 2019/09/27

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The  clouds  overhead are  dark and grim

The sky  above  now  has grown dim

As  evening  shadows  gently  fall

The  night moves  in  to cover all.

What happens  when  the world’s  asleep

And images  from  corners creep

Across the  room with  purpose clear

To  know  a  night  without a fear ?

Attend  the coming morn  in shrouds

Lest dawn  arrives  bedecked in clouds

Let’s  veil the  fullness of our day

And  chase  all of our doubts  away !








LOOK UP, LOOK UP ( 2019 ) 2019/08/25

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The sky is full of  bits of cloud

With some that  fairly shout aloud

They gather with each wind that blows

In shapes both  recognized or posed.

So like  an army  on the move

That does its best to heav’n improve

And  paints us  pictures way up high

To keep  us focused  on God’s sky !




PEEK-A-BOO ( 2019 ) 2019/05/10

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Some days the sun plays peek-a-boo with me

In and out, house to house, or tree to tree

Just when I think the sun is here to stay

How odd, that’s when it seems to slip away

Or hides behind a patch of clouds up high

Like some huge colony there in the sky.

I wonder how the clouds so quickly glide

And what I’d see if I could be inside

There are so many questions left to ask

It has become a never ending task !


HEAVEN FULL OF BLISS ( 2017 ) 2017/09/22

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I often wonder as I peer into the sky

Where do all the clouds go after they’re passing by

Do they have a mission or a schedule to keep

What happens up above when I am fast asleep ?

I try to stay alert and do not want to miss

A single moment’s joy of heaven full of bliss !


LICK-ET-Y-SPLAT ( 2016 ) 2016/09/21

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I’m trying hard to help explain

About the weather and the rain

It seems that moisture from the sea

Is gathered up to shower me.

Most of the fluffy clouds that float

Above my head, land, sea or moat

Are full of water to the brim

That sometimes splashes o’er the rim.

So when those clouds grow ever dark

And cannot find a thirsty park

They open up where e’er they’re at

And flush their cache lick-et-y-splat !


LUCID CLOUDS ( 2013 ) 2013/07/02

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Have you thought at all about the clouds

As they spread too wide across the sky


And wondered where have they been before

In that giant highway up so high?


Tell me may I join your entourage

Shining bright and white with glory’s glow


Following your celestial path

Will I see or can I get to know?


Far and wide just freely floating there

As they wend their way within my view


Overhead the image grows with hope

I shall spy the sun come peeking through !



CLOUDS ARE…..( 1959 ) 2013/02/14

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Pristine altars, bared beneath the stretch of

neatly chapeled skies

Where faithful sun and jealous moon ever

swiftly fall and rise,

Sharing grand inverted passion while the

breadth of sky belies

There exists one scheduled fashion that sails

on in wind’s disguise.


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