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IDEALS ( 1956 ) 2013/02/20

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Of might and men and giant things

Or repasts set for lordly kings

In all of this I disavow

These luxuries but one allow

To bide with me and be content

My life in joy thus it be spent.

With man’s best morsel to indulge

That life its good, time will divulge.

Of kind and gentle beings see

Grow with its own posterity.

Enlikened to sage words and true

The calmer days thus to pursue,

Within life’s rise be satisfied

With conquests met and love implied.


To bear the yoke, humanity

To strive with pride and vanity

And not be bested by the two

Keep heart within the mind’s eye view

To count the days within recall

Wherein love’s gentle tear did fall

And not forget the times long past

When kindness shew’d its tender cast.

Let man be such among all men

The bearer of but good omen,

A friend to all, in deed a friend

For all to sadden at his end,

Yet none lament his passing ways

Dwell he among the lost we praise.


This be the will I grave for me

May friends as these but number three

My mother who now gray and old,

Retains the will to chide and scold

As often did in times gone by,

Yet loving me she would e’en die,

A mate with whom years swiftly pass

As shadows in the looking glass

Who’ll walk with me on God’s green earth

Accept me for my human worth,

( Breathe not a word about my faults)

Whose tender smile my heart exalts,

The little child with loving care

That God has deemed my life to share.

For awkward though the times may prove


And grief my eyes to sadness move,

Yet still a song to gladness sing

For all the joy life mayhaps bring,

What need have we but nought to fare

With courage strong, and so declare

Within the gates of this recluse

Here lives the gift men fear to lose.

It wills the beggar scorn a crown

And molds a smile of each man’s frown,

One strives to buy with Midas’ gold

Once bought a gift one cannot hold,

Elusive nymph where do you flee

Why dwell thou in such poverty?


Of all the gems for which we’ve paid

And all the plans that man has made,

( Too many ofttimes gone astray)

Of all of this man cannot say

Within his soul, if truth compel

That life with him in fullness dwell

And fear he not a lonely end,

Nor peace abide without a friend.

For all the goods that man shall strive

To keep him warm and safe, alive

Are but to ease his body’s need,

The will of which to supersede

That man is more than gainful goal,

He’s heart and mind and kindred soul.


THE SPARROW ( 1963 )

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I know not much of sparrow’s wings

I’ve never heard the song she sings

But as I peek through window blind

Her modest ways bring thought to mind.


This little bird without a care

Abides above, I know not where

Upon the limb of some tall tree

Beyond the sight and reach of me.


There’s not a day that passes by

That I don’t see an hundred fly

Across the fields and in the yard

Their homely wings all beating hard.


Oh,little bird, with heart intense

Within this world you’ve small defense

Your timid ways and lack of beauty

Spoil’d not your kindred sense of duty.


Do you know that I’ve looked outside

On days when other creatures hide

To find the perky sparrow knows

Where hides the smallest seed God grows.


While other birds do southward fly

When snowclouds start to rim the sky

Brave little soul, you do not flee

But winter here with frost and me.


Of all the wisdom time has brought

I’m grateful for this lesson taught

The one that most impresses me,

Dear bird survives with dignity.



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“ The fretful thing about this life

that we must tarry in its place

Await the long and frugal strife

‘fore we may revel in time’s grace,

The promises we’ve counted on

far-fetched though it perchance seems

Shall be withheld from us anon

that we may fight to capture dreams

And struggling fain thus to produce

 the best which bideth within us

Of fortune’s fancy free and loose,

to strive for grasping valor plus,

And all of this discreetly met

rise to collect thy laurels green,

Long wilted may they be and yet

the battle’s won with fates unseen.”


“ What more have need we of this goal

or plaque which will commemorate

Speak nought of effort or of toll

nor industry shall we berate,

Enlarge not on the battle’s cost

or of force with us competing,

The lesson learned cannot be lost

though it ofttimes bears repeating,

That beauty of a task well done

doth bear its own rewarding fee,

And faith in all, a battle won

will glory share accordingly.”



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‘ Neath my window a rock wall sits

With hidden doors and window slits,

Replete with active teeming sound

Vast citadel beneath the ground,

That harbouring foreign lifestyle

Wherein performed dull task worthwhile.

I count the species large and small

Barely some I can see at all,

Dirtbound hordes reckless and gleaning,

Through small channels rapid streaming,

The weariness of numbers grows

Past my fingers, beyond my toes.


I query do they toil by night

How do they see without sunlight,

My thoughts grow restless and weary

To fathom such deep mystery.

Oh grub, and worm, and ant, and bee

You are great wonderment to me,

This feeding place for hungry bird

No din of war or hatred heard

What do you know of compromise

In your safe sheltered paradise?



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Undaunted courier blithely set, errant knight of my heart,

Your journey flying sweet dulcet sounds across the waves, my love impart,

Oh, genie new of man’s pursuit that does so quickly fly,

In spite of nature’s roaring best, my terms of love imply,

Carry fast and far these words, that burning in my throat, must out and will not hide,

And make it seem as though we two are tarrying, so close as nearly side by side.

Thus if these barriers we know which scheme in ways untold, keep us apart

Your voice, so filled with longing, can still the trembling of this faint and foolish heart.


DAY TO DAY ( 1953 )

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Oh, wearisome flesh, that tires of life

Struggling this way with unbudging strife

A lonely task filled with loveless dismay

Discouraging thoughts wake pacing each day.

Active minds dealing in lifestyle mundane

Surviving practice with actions inane

Leaving nought of power and grace as such

Neither ladders to climb nor stars to touch.

While fantasy speaks, our need to fulfill

Believe peace begins at the crest of the hill

Just a pleasant cot by the roadside’s bend

With the warming fire and the faithful friend.

Each man dreams and it plagues his waking hours

Like hummingbirds whisp’ring to wilted flowers

Of unbound contentment, paramount joy,

A tinge of delight, indelicate ploy

Those masters of freedom, telling us true

Encourage your heart, its wish to pursue

To mayhaps find some other simple way

Live with self-respect merely day to day.



This loud vituperous generation

Bred of wealth and moral degradation,

Abusive seedlings of decadence sown,

Wanton youth, in lack of awareness grown,

Floundering, for want of clear fortitude

Drowning in the flow of visciditude,

Expressing blame in terms most coarse and vile,

Censure holding, and decency defiled.

Poor wasted youth in sad afflicted plight

That knows no pledge nor holds a promise bright

They having days with but little merit

Some future, this lunacy inherit.



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