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HOW FAR ( 2016 ) 2016/02/08

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Sometimes I fear I cannot bear

The lonliness of life’s despair

I see the children on the street

Their vacant eyes dimmed by defeat.

Compared to those of long ago

When ambition was clear to show

With spunk and guts they vanquished fear

While spirits channeled strength and cheer.

They did not cower in some cave

But learned how proper folk behave

They mimicked those who came before

They worked and saved and worked some more.

They learned the language, customs too

Embraced the challenges they knew

And in the end their courage won

Look now to see how far they’ve come !


BLIZZARD ( 2016 ) 2016/01/23

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The waters rush upon the shore

The winds outshout the ocean’s roar

The frigid air invades each room

While sharing its contentious gloom.

The winter’s storm arrived at last

And left us stunned and all aghast

Well toughen up, display your grit

And pray to make the best of it !


STAND TALL ( 2015 ) 2015/12/31

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Sometimes a knock upon the door

Awakens us to joy in store

My dearest girl reach deep inside

For that is where your courage hides.

Just take a chance, reach out right now

And you will learn to take a bow

Perform you must no matter what

Let’s show the world the power you’ve got.

Now walk erect and make a stand

Reach out to lend a helping hand

Know God is always there for you

He loves you so, His love is true !


HEROES, HEROES EVERYWHERE ( 2015 ) 2015/12/05

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I’m sure we have heroes everywhere

Even if we do not know their names

We’re so positive that they do care

Always ready to preserve our aims.

They have faith and heart and courage too

Belief in all of our true ideals

No matter what others say or do

These are passions that a hero feels !



IN MEMORY OF OUR HEROES ( 2015 ) 2015/11/12

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To all the men who fought that day

And those that have since passed away

The thanks of us all should convey

Tales of your sacrifice, we pray

God bless us all and vow to say

We’ll never fight again that way !


THE BATTLE ( 2015 ) 2015/11/11

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Oh those men who took the hill that day

In a foreign land so far away,

Too many died as they gained the beach

A thousand drowned weighted in the breach.

Who knew what strengths would fill all these men

When courage chose to inspire again

And charge the hill filled with fire and brim

Like hell’s front gate at volcano rim ?

While the memories still haunt their nights

With death’s dark vision midst blinding lights,

What’s wrong with this world in which we live

When is time ripe to learn to forgive ?


FINDING COURAGE ( 2015 ) 2015/10/21

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There are those times that I can’t help but wander back

To those wartime years after Pearl Harbor’s attack

Now as our numbers winnow down to disappear

Gone the values we had that triumphed over fear.

Too many forget those stark days we learned to bear

Almost as though the bulk of us were never there

Memories so hard to crush, dormant in the mind

Whence hides the greater part of courage each did find !


I’M TIRED ( 2015 ) 2015/05/01

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My heart is worn, it’s tired too

The battle’s done seems overdue

The time is now to call an end

While there’s still strength left to defend.

A faithful trust, a tender care

A loving God I’m sure is there

I need no favor to implore

For who am I to ask for more ?


JERICHO ( 2015 ) 2015/03/20

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I think the walls are tumbling down

I feel the trembling of the ground

Our world is crumbling bit by bit

I don’t know what to make of it.

There is a shifting in the thought

That we are in a morass caught

There’s no way out not up or down

All that we’ve known about to drown !

Oh powers that be how does it end

Will we survive without a friend ?


COURAGE AND HONOR ( 2015 ) ( in honor of ) 2015/01/02

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We’ve lost a man who knew the way

To help the public every day

So smart and kind and honest too

A man of honor tried and true.

He had the courage to speak out

Without the need to rant and shout

He was well loved with great esteem

Perhaps he’s gone to join God’s team !






FAILURES ( 2014 ) 2014/12/13

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I had a dream so long ago

That ruled my heart yet didn’t show

I never wanted for great fame

Raw courage was my truest aim.

I reached for joy but not too far

Some  needs reside above the bar

I queried that I did my best

When last I found myself at rest

The failures caused by my chagrin

Wrote these last words, it could have been !


YOUR CHOICE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/25

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I am the vision you once knew

When you believed dreams could come true

I am the hope born in your heart

When life first had its fragile start.

I am the power you need to live

With courage and the strength to give

I am the choice you had to make

Decide to bend or chance to break

What shall you do as time draws near

The final choice is yours and here !


THE EXODUS ( 2014 ) 2014/08/01

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This simple child can barely speak

Tears trickle down the grimy cheek

With fear resigned upon the face

How do we live with such disgrace ?

There is no way to cure this ill

It truly seems a bitter pill

Until nations do change their mind

And hopefully some honor find !

Believe the angels in the sky

Shed tears of shame while passing by

Behavior cannot be endowed

God make it be aright somehow !


THE SCORE ( 2014 ) 2014/06/26

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One feeling is consuming me

It seems to set my senses free

This holocaust of life and death

Begs God’s forgiveness with its breath !

What courage does sensation bring

Will it engender anything

Or cower in some corner there

Afraid to take life anywhere ?

Where is the sun that chastens night

Our faith will guide us by the light

We have the right to see it through

God will be there I promise you.

If we have lost or we have won

We shall not know till life is done !




REWARDING BLISS ( 2014 ) 2014/03/20

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I thought I saw a drop of rain

Go trickling down my window pane

I watched entranced by its descent

Slow and cautious the liquid went.

I wonder if our lifespan apes

The way lost hope or wish escapes

And trickles down to wash away

Afraid to greet each blessed day ?

Is this what life is teaching us

To live in fear and never trust

To spend our time in cowardice

Ignoring God’s rewarding bliss ?


CHOICES ( 2014 ) 2014/02/16

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God grants us all a wider choice

In learning how to use our voice

To make our way and do the right

From early morn through harried night.

Pursue the course and do the best

To forge our way and pass the test

This is one task we cannot fail

The stakes are high we need prevail.

No matter what decisions made

One can’t escape or chance evade

The simple act of courage bold

To choose new ways or keep the old.

My last reaction’s brash and hard

Like Abraham, I will choose God !


HISTORY ( 2013 ) 2013/09/17

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Small matter what great deeds men do

With actions witnessed by the few

Who dying fall by roadside bend

Await the words of passing friend

Or stranger who without a cause

Did notice and took time to pause

And comment in a feeling way

About what happened on that day

And that is how the story grows

Turning lads into folk heroes !


NEW OPPORTUNITY ( 2013 ) 2013/08/01

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The thought occurs since I have found

This other world that won’t be bound

By false ideals which have no weight

And judgements deemed obscure too late,

Pray life may draw hope through that door

With courage bold new goals explore.



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Do you know the story of Mary Hays McCauley nee Ludwig?  Born 1754, Trenton, NJ, more commonly known as “Molly Pitcher” the heroine of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse June 28, 1778.  Last time I was there, more than 60 years ago, she was memorialized with a monument, a plaque and the famous cannon she manned when her husband fell !  In the “good old days”, children revered the brave deeds of those who”purchased” our freedom and rights as the youth of today idolize sports figures.  That June day was unusually hot, 100°F, it could be called the “World Series of Battles” as it included all the major players, all the stars of both TEAMS !  Washington, von Steuben, Marquis de Lafayette and Gen. Charles Lee ( who really struck OUT ) for the home team.  With Clinton and Cornwallis battling for the visitors !!  Americans, 12,000 men, British 11,000.  The cannon required water to cool down the barrel after each shot and a ramrod swab out !  Water girls were kept busy carrying water throughout each battle , most were wives.  Almost half of the casualties were due to heat stroke.  In 1822, Molly ( nickname for Mary ) was awarded a lifetime pension for her valor by the Pennsylvania assembly.  The victory at  Monmouth coming after the crossing at Trenton, ended the larger effort to win in the north and resulted in British retreat to the south, after their escape from Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  Molly Pitcher’s Well can still be visited !  How’s that for another homerun for our side ?  P.S. General Lee was court martialed as a coward, his “contract” was not renewed, but you guessed that !


ANGER ( 1981 ) 2013/06/09

I stand upon some mountain’s peak

To gather words with which I’ll speak,

Inform the world that I have learned

What wisdom bought and patience earned.

Too oft I’ve seen and much too late

That human love is laced with hate

And chiding words while meaning well

Through futile waste and time dispel

An arrow that lays deeply bound

Into the breast that it has found.

And so it is that as I strayed

I heard the ache of those who preyed,

I saw the grief of those who need

Much loving care and special heed.


I turned away and tip-toed passed

My pulse beat loud, my breath came fast

I bowed my head with hidden shame

And damned the cause for which I came

Such weariness within my soul

One endless search for self-control.

Am I not bold to travel on

To seek this myth of Avalon?


SOLUTION ( 1991 ) 2013/05/02

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I bound my hopes in role secure
And found myself in life obscure
No battle sought, no aimless race
This distant vacant waiting place
Where all my dreams were mauled and tossed,
Illusion gone and courage lost.
A hollowed shell and nameless ache
One heart that’s worn but will not break
And never was nor ever see
A yearning for what cannot be.
This weighted loss but whispered then
About the life that might have been
No sympathy, no anger meant
No subterfuge, no cross intent
A saddened time with too much space
Casts warmth aside like so much waste
Persisting still in careless fashion
This lonesome and elusive passion.


While madness played upon my mind
And futile sought its peace to find
As all the joy I might have sown
Lay wasting in some grave unknown
Be sure I’m wont to ever taste
This need of mine that has no face.


COURTESY ( 1980 ) 2013/02/20

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Pick up all the pieces

and put them all away,

In dark and secret places

until another day,

Gather all your problems

and leave them in some pit,

Cover them with laughter

and sprinkle them with grit,

Smile no matter what it costs,

hide those useless tears,

Face the world with bluster

pretend you  hold no fears,

And meet the challenge bluntly,

greet the day each morn,


Courage give fair warning,

heroes are made not born,

Strength like love, must be

acquired never to be bought,

And wisdom used with caution,

lessons to be taught

Repress those distant feelings

and with faith hold them,

Take your dreams into your

 hands and firmly mold them,

Try a little patience

garnish with emotion,

Add a drop of conscience

leaving just devotion.



MY NEED ( 1979 ) 2013/02/14

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This is the autumn of my days,

A pressing time to mend my ways,

There are past wounds that I must bind,

There are new goals I need to find,

There are old fears that I must end,

There are new paths that I must wend,

There is adventure that I must dare,

There are some hopes that I must share,

There is courage which I must seek,

There are bold thoughts that I must speak,

There are values that I need learn,

There are laurels which I must earn.


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