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HONEST JUSTICE ( 2018 ) 2018/10/06

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My passion lies askew and lost

To honesty, there is great cost

I am not sure I have that strength

Since my time is not of great length.

For presently, my age it shows

Although not yet in deep repose

However soon the shadows fall

When I receive that final call.

Upon whose shoulders it will be

I’ll place my cloak of destiny

Who has the will to carry on

This war I chose to fully don ?







THEY FOUGHT AND DIED ( 2018 ) 2018/05/28

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There is this call that I now hear

It happens every time each year

The bells peal out and my heart cries

Takes all my strength to face goodbyes !

There is no way I can convey

The sadness that I feel this day

So many wars for all those boys

Who early left their childhood toys

To wear that uniform each chose

Before their lives came to a close.

So be it blue or white or green

Brown, khaki, tan or in between

Whatever color works for you

They fought and died, red, white and blue !

THIS IN MEMORIAM  1776 – 2018




INTO THE FRAY ( 2015 ) 2015/02/02

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Excuse me but I need to say

That all I hear are lies today

Please tell me how the truth got lost

And what will be the total cost ?

Is there one person who does know

Which way the winds are apt to blow

Who can define the final goal

Can it be true we’ve sold our soul ?

This must not be a bartered thing

For honor soars on vaulted wing !



YOUR CHOICE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/25

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I am the vision you once knew

When you believed dreams could come true

I am the hope born in your heart

When life first had its fragile start.

I am the power you need to live

With courage and the strength to give

I am the choice you had to make

Decide to bend or chance to break

What shall you do as time draws near

The final choice is yours and here !


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