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THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER ( 2018 ) 2018/04/11

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There is a tale through ages told

Of Midas and his touch of gold

But none compares with what we know

Happened to Jesus long ago.

There in a garden on a hill

On one dark night so sad and still

A troop of soldiers with their knives

Approached God’s twelve to seal their lives.

The battle raged among the few

The fighting fierce and overdue

Some ran away while others hid

It was the task Sanhedrin bid.

Two thousand years we’ve known the Word

Though truth is not all we have heard

The story thrives, it grows and grows

With fleeting time God’s blessing glows !




DO NOT FALL( 2017 ) 2017/04/10

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I have often thought of that early morn

After sweet Jesus as a babe was born

He was heralded by the stars above

Filled with God’s blessing and the angels’ love.

There in a foreign land so long ago

On a path that would lead this world to know

That He was the sign  we were waiting for

The key that could open God’s sacred door.

Oh, learn what a path that he had to take

To save mankind from poor Adam’s mistake

We need to remember once and for all

He’s sent to guide us so we do not fall !



ELI ELI LAMA SABACH THANI ? ( 2017 ) 2017/01/23

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There is a song the people sing

That praises God and glories bring

It is a hymn from times long gone

That we have pinned our hopes upon.

A darkened hill, a blood soaked cross

The ugly terror of our loss

A day that one cannot forget

That caused earth’s early sun to set.

It rent the temple’s curtain break

As trembling earth did mighty quake

While God to man anger displayed

Christ’s vow to us had long been made !



WE’RE GRATEFUL ( 2015 ) 2015/12/06

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The sun shines bright, we’re on our way

To praise our Lord on His birthday

No matter when that day may be

We’re joyful that we still are free

To pick or choose the manner of

The way we opt to show our love.

We thank You God for Your great gift

And how You give our lives a lift

Whatever happens in our ranks

We proffer You our grateful thanks !


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