Claire V. Bogdanos


THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN ( 2017 ) 2017/01/18

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It’s been so very many years

Since the circus came to town

I guess there’ll be a lot of tears

Soon as it’s no longer round.

I worry bout the children’s joys

Watching silly circus clowns

What shall they do, those girls and boys

To help melt away their frowns ?

I wonder if we’ll ever see

A zoo on wheels once again

I can’t imagine it will be

A good plan for now or then.

So we’ll just have to make-believe

With lots of drums and loud noise

And set-up tents you can perceive

Full of fuzzy hairy toys

We could hang photos on the wall

Tell me if that sounds too queer

But this will never do at all

There are no animals here !


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