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EXCUSE ME, here I am in my ageing wheelchair, at my really old kitchen farm table, 38″ x 26″, circa 1900, with its aproned multi-turned vintage legs and truly discreet 1+” rollers on a beautiful Sunday morning having my usual breakfast of juice, black coffee in an ironstone mug, half a sliced banana and exactly 10 mini wheat squares with fat-free half & half !  Precise, right ?  It’s early AM, this room has 8 solarfilmed windows, each 3′ x 6′, all covered by beige old fashioned lace curtains.  With windows all open, the curtains rising and fluttering in the breeze, I can hear the church bells in the distance, there are 4 churches within a 2 block radius of my current residence.  It’s like a symphony in carillon !  Waves of nostalgia wash over me and I am transported to a place almost 80 years ago in the past !  All this time yet that destination is not a mile away from here nor a minute away from my dearest memories !  This is about one of those cardboard signs my nana had in a streetside window, CURTAINS STRETCHED, 25 cents a pair.  My grandpop was an ironworker ( Fagan, Tietjen & Lang, Federal, Todd and Bethlehem Steel ) and he made her an adjustable curtain stretcher which my agile childsized fingers could manipulate with the help of a small stepstool, also homemade !  My job after school was to take that agate pan full of starchwater and soaking lace, layering on as many panels at a time to dry in the afternoon sun !  As my nana would say, “idle hands do the devil’s work”.  Haha, I don’t think he ever had a chance with me !  How about you ?  By the way, that half-banana is low on my fav list but high in potassium, or is that an old wives tale ?             Sincerely,                        Claire B.


6 Responses to “DATELINE: HOBOKEN, N J, USA ( 2015 ) “NOT A MINUTE AWAY””

  1. Carolyn Baxter Says:

    Beautiful word pictures!!


  2. Thank you, I returned last evening from hospital, and this AM feeling grateful that I’m still “out and about”. I keep remembering that God is good ! Claire


  3. Chagall Says:

    I hope you are well. A lovely post. —Chagall


  4. Thank you, just putting one foot in front of the other, haha ! My mother used to tell me, only the good die young ! Not sure if I should find that complimentary ! What do you think ? God bless. Claire B.


  5. Maureen Says:

    Enjoyed this Claire. We never seem to hear Church bells here any more – I loved them when I was a child. Today it’s raining, and we both have colds, so the dog is resigned to not getting a walk. Roll on summer…


  6. Need to share, do you have the miracle o/t/c Airborne, like Alka Seltzer ? It is taking all kinds of kudoes as immune booster, inexpensive, online and drug stores, amazon, chock full of minerals and megavitamins and true aid taking only 3 coin sized foaming tablet in 4 ounces of tap water, fizz, drink, cure. It has been a sensation now for about 3 or 4 years. Are you able to check it out online ? Use one every few hours, sleep it off curing allergies, colds, flu ! I keep several varieties and share with family and friends, comes in natural fruit flavors. Let me know ! God bless ! Thanks and feel better ! Claire B.


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