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THERE ARE SMALL SOUNDS ( 2006 ) 2013/04/27

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There are small sounds that fill my mind with thoughts that soar

While minute, so bold they challenge any ocean’s roar.

They’re sounds that only love can heal or kindness teach

When strength’s beyond the deepest place one heart can reach.

These sounds of silence fall too soft on hollow ears

But speak more plainly than the eloquence of tears.

That last sound , the labored breathing of one adored,

The closing sigh which signifies he’ll come no more,

These are the sounds that will confuse a lifetime much

And leave an empty void that only time can touch.


Petals falling from a rose to the garden bed,

Tight laughter that issues forth when goodbye is said,

That stirring of the pulse with heartbeat quickening

Unbidden, heralding each pains awakening

Or hushed darkness of the night now moving slowly

While the rush of the wind in mid-flight moans lowly,

Some weeping sounds which from the tearful heart are wrung

As sounds of chanted mass are in a choir sung.

These have lingered in the air with hope awaiting

Within our lives , some restful aim contemplating.


Hence hearken to those sounds declaring time’s ending

With all the consequence of old thoughts attending.

Acknowledge, in the distance, one trumpet crying

Both man and beast in manner like are soon dying.

Then understand the difference that love has made

And in that final moment, hear an accolade.



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Oh little star that shines alone

On lonesome dark and friendless night,

Oh sprightly sprig that blossoms forth

With nary other buds in sight,

Oh tiny bird that chirps a song

When all his friends are fast in flight,

Oh warming wind with gentle breath

That sings an air with dawn’s delight,

Have you ever looked beyond night

Into the early morning’s glow?

Have you ever smelled the incense

On the hill where staunch violets grow?

Have you ever heard ceaseless sound

Where gushing streams trickle and flow?

Have you ever felt springtime’s rain

Driven with an incessant blow?

This is the heritage of March

Impudent harbinger of spring

That sallies forth in manner rude

Yet bearing April on the wing

And so bold and harsh seducer

Ever brusquely keep refraining

Release that cold and chilly grip

Thus end winter’s will sustaning.



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In all the obligation that one’s duty brings

Exists some meager wish that sighs and hopes and clings,

There weigh the loss which from the smallest niche inside

Abides with desperation soundly hid by pride.

Still dwells the waning hope that chance yet rages bold

Though wintered in the ort that’s left of growing old.

In manner chaste I find my quiet hours are sown

Within the palest veil of all I’ve ever known

Where image of the past that with distress was wrought

Some untamed soul within the net lies careless caught.


Since unshed tears oft lurk behind the tracing of a smile

Self-contemplation ought display the hushed façade of guile

While quiv’ring hand and timid step by age and time impaired

Mask vestiges of dignity God graciously has spared.


BLESSINGS ( 2013 ) 2013/04/23


Oftimes when I am lying at my ease

Upon some chaise as quiet as you please

Along the sandy shore that comforts me

With warming winds beside the restless sea

I contemplate the peace that aging brings

While bearing wisdom on its learned wings.

Asleep beneath the stars and moon above

Under the spell of some enduring love

And there the beauty that I sought and knew

Still shimmered and spun the whole night through

While God Himself seemed to smile on us all

By spreading His blessings both large and small.


FREE ( 1991 )

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I look upon a leafy bed

And wonder why the leaves are dead,

I look upon a stormy sky

And wonder why the birds won’t fly,

I see a tired human face

And wonder if he takes up space,

I question whether time grows old

And why the length of love must mold,

Why flowers turn to face the sun

Then disappear when growing’s done.

The simple ways still seem the best

They supercede the foolish rest,

Perhaps with years we’ve come to know

That fortune follows as we sow.


Though oft I’d sought another place

And sometimes thought I’d lost the race,

Faint melody soon pricked my ears

And cast aside my hidden fears.

Now lately, as my life turns round

And echoes with its closing sound,

One grateful thought does fill my mind,

With age, my passion waxes kind.

I’ve spent this life as best I knew

And lived my hopes as dreamers do,

I’ve known the world the wishful see

And bless my fate that now I’m free.


HEROES ( 2013 ) 2013/04/21

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There are times the sadness of this life is overbearing

While our days are spent without the hope of ever sharing

Such a painful thought of never truly comprehending

Why and if there is to be a simpler happy ending.

Those cherished values scorned by raving heretics amused

Hold faithful to a code that waits discarded and abused.


These unsung heroes thus having forged our destiny

Awaken from the sleep that took them to eternity

Engaging in a task so powerful it never ceases

Leaving us employed in scooping up the tattered pieces.

Waves of all the talents that marked our yesterdays

By those who earned the right to claim a share of glory’s praise,

“ Fidelity” a word once hopeless lost among the rules

Now challenged by this useless cadre of important fools !


MEMORY IS ( 1981 ) 2013/04/18

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Sifting through the ashes of a

bitter burning ember

Of forgotten days that time is

dying to remember

Where winter thoughts demand their

silence softly to be heard

Like some feint storm that rages on

appearing now absurd,

To leave one faithful moment here

that truth can realize

There bearing in its icy grip

lost dreams of paradise,

An everlasting steadfast ghost

of hope that went astray

To carry on its battered wings

past thoughts of yesterday.


WARNING ( 2007 ) 2013/02/11

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What do crows do as they fly?

Forcing dark to cloud my sky?

God’s above with master plan

Where do crows fit in this span,

Their cackling caw far too loud,

As they gather in a crowd?

Noise like the echo of the din

That this world now wallows in,

Angry sounds that fill the air

Warning soon to be aware.


I wonder if there’s some thought

I should learn or can be taught

Of a future that will be

Darkened with their prophecy?



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What magic spell or mystic charm

That option earns for good or harm

Exists within this cloud of doubt

I’d rather pass and bide without?

This query waits alone and faint

With purpose hid and calm restraint

Each choice within the human font

There in the balance finds the want.


I’m lost, I can’t remember why,

What source of rule should here apply?

There dwells no vision in my mind,

No sense of meaning can I find.

One answer clear I fail to see

I seek not what my fate will be.


MEMORY ( 2003 )

Just as the wind off the hill whispers to the trees

Just as the bird on the bough sings into the breeze,

Just so my friend as life begins its final fall

I must tell you how I feel ere this curtain’s call.

Some songs I’ve heard have no words, others have no tune

They swell and rise and float aloft in time festooned.

Some friends I‘ve known crossed my path nodding cold farewell

Others stayed close by my side though they kiss and tell,

Some who came to plead my cause lingered on too long,

I do remember most the good, the kind, the strong.


While simple ways and gentle thoughts and silence too

Are peace that age has brought to me in purpose true.

If I count beyond my fears, just one smiling day

I won’t need another dream or another stay.


REFUGE ( 1987 ) 2013/02/06

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See the mist rising from the flat earth in hazy layers

With cattails parading plumes erect as stalwart players.

The wet and steaming pools of teeming water peeking through

A veil of fog that hugs the road’s dim edge and clouds the view

Drown me in my thoughts arising from a sea of want and waste

Arousing fears I can’t forsake with time nor leave in haste.

Thoughts like forgotten goals do need a place to heal and thrive

Within some habitat that speeds their quest, keeps hope alive

And mocks not this inconvenient meadow of use no more

That sheltered many idle tears and fed the earth’s dry floor.

Fleeing from the wake of life where the forceful currents ran

Far from the ocean’s depth, understanding when it began

That not all creatures could survive the tidal lap and lash,

Some need the gentle marsh wherein survives that smouldered ash



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I think the dearest words I’ve ever written

are painted graffiti on a wall . . . . . .

Exposed to daylight’s crude submission and meant

to be read by sundry one and all.


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