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GOOD MORROW, SWEET MASTER ( 1985 ) 2013/06/06

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Today I looked out o’er my roof and reached into the skies

And wonderment consumed my mind ere I did realize.

“ Why spring is coming soon” I thought, my mind became alive,

I sent a little prayer to God my garden would survive.

Sometimes I think that I react too swiftly and too soon

Yet all the seeds that earth has hid are readying to bloom.

My garden spreads much happiness where calm and peace abide

And if the world’s in deep turmoil, I’m safe and sure inside.

Now soon the bulbs will sprout again and showtime will arrive

And aims that went to sleep last year will somehow be revived.

Last night I shivered in the cold and thought what dark provides

A resting space, a quiet place, a niche where challenge hides.

The healing need for body sore or tired limbs implore

When all of life’s complexities by choice I may ignore.

And as I pass my time this way no creature will I mar

I simply wish to join God’s host that waits upon His star.

While here and there some snow remains reminding me of pain

The dripping ice above the wall vows warmth will come again.

Should I awake this way once more and wonder what I am

I will remember that each day has purpose and a plan

And while my life continues this timeless hope I knew

To be a part and follow in His countless retinue.


LUNATION ( 1969 ) 2013/05/25

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Thou mournful moon  that shines so distant clear with innocence,

Belies a history that cradled weeds of decadence

Yet glows with ancient tales of lords and kings and mighty  things,

An eloquence which speaks through space and time forbearance brings

And moves the mind to dwell on deeds and wisdom circumspect,

Now seeing not believing, this strange power shall wills direct.

Night sister to the sun, the sailor’s tool that bares the soul

Though man may probe this parent to the tides exceeds control.

Thus mighty force indulging man’s wildest inclination

Give credence to a thought that consumes with dedication,

And here one learns through willful ignorance to tine the test,

That orb which swells with deep intensity, observes the rest,

Abounds with manifold myths and legends no time destroys

And in its strength doth twist and blend both countless tears and joys.


PEACE ( 2013 ) 2013/05/21

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I don’t know what you are thinking

And if it affects my life

Only God knows where your heart is

If it’s filled with peace or strife.

I can pray that you’ll remember

To uplift and aid the weak

Most are the Lord’s helpless children

Lacking voice to beg or speak.

In this life we are mistaken

To believe we’re all alone

No one knows our destination

Is the path of grass or stone?

I can wait another lifetime

Hoping soon to find release

In pursuit of God and wisdom

Seeking His eternal peace.


LOVE ( 2013 )

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I’m mesmerized by falling rain

It splatters on my window pane

And sings a tune I need to hear

It sounds like music on my ear,

It means my garden now can thrive

And soon God’s blessings will arrive.

You cannot know the joy I feel

Or how much ache this show will heal,

The beauty that a garden brings

With scented breath on fragile wings,

In truth this vision states somehow

God loves me, thats enough for now!


ANTICIPATION ( 1983 ) 2013/05/20

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A wretched mass we lonely be

We draw our lots of destiny

And fearful though our days may seem

We’ll not forsake the growing dream

That time has furrowed on our brow

And hope can only but allow

To breathe and swell within our soul

And make it seem but one more goal

For man to grasp the will to live

And every moment courage give.

The wind blows wild across the plain

Another soul to seek acclaim

Like shipwrecks shoaled on foreign shore

Their voices raised, God’s grace implore.

As trees their arms do upward sway

The whole world kneels , her prayer to say

Where ancient Moorish castles rise

Their towers reaching for the skies.


This prayer of man that heaven sent

Begs only for his heart’s content,

Bold edifice of legendry

Now stirs the soul to poetry

And wills the weak to stronger be

And make fast friends of you and me.


FAITH ( 2013 ) 2013/05/17

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I’d gather up the courage to stand so very tall

And pray that God would be there to catch me if I fall,

And if I can’t remember exactly every word

I’m sure that He will see my unspoken thoughts are heard.


Just a thought ……

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Can it be that our dreams

are but the musings of angels

softly whispered whilst we sleep?


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