Claire V. Bogdanos

Acceptance,Knowledge,Love,New Chapter,Process,Wisdom,

OUR VETERANS ( 2020 ) 2020/06/06

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Today  is  not a  holiday

We celebrate  like  some  birthday

Instead  it  is  a  mark  in time

That  saved  us  all  from  our  decline.

Six,  six,  four,  four,  who  can  forget

Those  memories  without  regret

The  world  we knew  was  on its  knees

Until  those ships  did  sail  the seas

To  land  upon  that  foreign  shore

Where  thousands  died and  so much  more.

How  sad  that we  discard  their  deeds

And in  the  end,  neglect  their  needs  !



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