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NIGHTMARES ( 2018 ) 2018/11/11

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I had a dream the other night

And wakened with an awful fright

I felt the ground just slip away

While all my world lay in decay.

It seemed to me I was alone

Some place that was a danger zone

I rose quite slowly from my bed

To take a look around instead.

I said ” Thank you ” I am okay

” Please help me Lord to stay that way ”

I’ll be more cautious late at night

Who dreams to wake with such a fright ?



A PUZZLE ( 2018 ) 2018/08/20

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Have you wondered what clouds must see

While floating o’erhead lazily

And what about the mountain’s heighths

With all its smells and sound delights ?

Do you believe that clouds can tell

If all below are doing well

Or when to rain or sail away

Perhaps return another day ?

God’s world is huge and ever wide

What do you think He keeps inside,

Seems it’s a deep dark mystery

A puzzle for eternity ?


I HAVE NO FEAR ( 2017 ) 2017/07/20

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There is a door, where does it go

The truth is that I do not know

There is a place beyond the stair

I do not care how it got there.

What is it looms behind that door

The one that all are searching for

How will I know what we will share

I have no fear, God will be there !



UNLOCK THE GATE ( 2017 ) 2017/06/26

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The hum of life is all around

Hear now its rapid growing sound

Why even bees get in their share

You’ll find they’re busy everywhere.

The leaves are rustling overhead

I wish I knew what’s being said

The world today’s a mystery

With much to learn and more to see

Oh blessed Lord why must we wait

For angels to unlock the gate ?



BLUE SKY ( 2016 ) 2016/09/17

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So many questions I’d like to ask

It truly is a cumbersome task

There’s too many things I need to know

Like trees and plants and flowers that grow

Or fruits and berries, all types of beans,

About life and death and what it means

There’s one more question I’ll put to you

Can you tell me why the sky is blue ?


A ZILLION OTHER THINGS ( 2016 ) 2016/09/04

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Sometimes I wonder all about the angels in the sky

Although I’ve never met a one, do you think they can fly ?

How do they fall asleep at night and do they ever snore

There is so much I’d like to know, oh, ever so much more !

Well, angels are God’s messengers and He has made each one

Although one third are fallen, all the rest have battles won

Perhaps some day I shall learn if God’s angels do have wings

Until then I keep busy with a zillion other things !


REFLECTION ( 2015 ) 2015/01/21

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The pigeon perched upon my sill

He saw his image in the pane

And for a moment stood quite still

He preened and turned around again.

I wonder if he questioned why

There was a fellow in the glass

And who could be that handsome guy

He didn’t look like second class !

Oh silly bird, what thoughts we keep

I really think you are a dear

You close your eyes, are you asleep

I pray you stay forever near !


CAN IT BE SO ( 2013 ) 2013/09/07

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that poets see

with the eyes of the heart

but hear

with the ears of the mind

I wonder ?


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