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PRECIOUS DAY ( 2020 ) 2020/02/20

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Seems  today’s  life  has its ups  and downs

In  this world  that’s  full of  smiles and frowns

With  its portion of  both  laughs and tears

Enough  to last  us a  dozen  years.

Thus  we come and  go  and only find

The  path we have chosen  will unwind

So  we’ll take our  chances  come what may

And  praise our  Lord  for each precious day !



THE GAME OF POLITICS ( 2019 ) 2019/07/11

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There is a small refuge one may find

To grant us all  some peace of mind

The sight  observed is  disarrayed

Too many games are  being played.

While  all those values that we’ve known

By winds of  change are  being blown

Who can be  sure our  world survives

This  challenge now as it  revives ?



STILL ON MY FEET ( 2018 ) 2018/12/22

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What’s that I hear upon my roof

Loud raindrops or a reindeer hoof

T’would be a very great mistake

If I some foolish error make.

There was a time that I recall

His bells were jingling in the hall

But that was oh, so long ago

How old was I,  bout five or so.

I spied the bells there on the floor

Outside of the old hallway door

Yet never caught a glimpse of him

Or of his jolly hairy chin.

I’m sure that he is very wise

Politely keeping his disguise

Perhaps next year we two may meet

If I am here still on my feet !




FROM WHO ? ( 2017 ) 2017/06/08

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Oh mighty owl high in my tree

I pray you do not pressure me

I’m not prepared for your bad news

Luck is the thing that I could use.

There are some stories I have heard

About your wisdom and your word

How you instill a certain fear

In all of those who dare to hear.

Please help me out sir, if you can

For I am born of mortal man

My needs are small, my chances few

I sure would like some help from who ?


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