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EACH ONE’S CHOICE ( 2018 ) 2018/10/07

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My heart is torn, my values scorned

I’ve courage strong with hope reborn

Unsteady though it be,  I teach

Of this new world I hope to reach

What honors there that one may see

Without a  false humility ?

Point me the way to valor earn

Help me to find my great concern

Do as You will on heav’n and earth

Show me Lord how to use my worth !


BRAND NEW START ( 2018 ) 2018/07/10

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There are these words that fill my heart

And bring each day a brand new start

With joy and love and common good

Celebrating life as we should.

Oh blessed Lord teach us to find

A better way to help unwind

Confusion and the sadness of

A world that is devoid of love !


TWO LEGS ( 2016 ) 2016/09/12

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Oh Humpty-Dumpty what have we here

A world of treachery full of fear

Where are the king’s horses and his men

You know we could use their help again !

To all of us it’s become quite clear

We’ve unsafe streets, the future looks drear

We need your advice if you don’t mind

There’s a solution we must now find

Make sure we promise to not crack eggs

And pray we stand on our own two legs !


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