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MY NEXT GOAL (2019) 2019/02/24

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Of all the joys I’ve ever known

The ones I treasure as my own

Are those that I have always spent

Enclosed under God’s earthly tent !

Days when I’m sure I can’t go on

Because the pain is never gone

It tries my patience and my faith

But love of God keeps my heart safe.

And if I keep believing thus

Another day is one more plus

I must have hope to stir my soul

And make tomorrow my next goal !


ANOTHER TIME ( 2018 ) 2018/10/22

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This child I held close to my breast

Has left me now to be at rest

His life  of pain at last set free

Upon God’s unrelenting sea.

This was his battle for too long

He tried so hard, he was so strong

But here we are, this is the end

I’ll miss you son, my life, my friend.

I doubt if we shall meet again

Another time, but where or when,

There’s none to know or even learn

Truth is, no one has e’er returned !



LOADS OF THINGS ( 2017 ) 2017/08/02

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The legs won’t move, they seem possessed

And cause great pain with no redress

The body aches and labors so

It is an effort  just to go.

With time all problems multipy

There is no way one can defy

The chronic ills that ageing brings

To life and limb and loads of things !





SMALL VICTORY ( 2017 ) 2017/07/19

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Oh Lord sometimes I find I cannot bear

This useless pain I suffer everywhere

I’ve searched so hard to find another way

To force this endless ache to fade away.

My strength is gone and my courage got lost

As I feel myself in a tempest tossed

Dear Lord, what shall I do to set me free

Help me to score this last small victory !




INSTANT PHONE ( 2016 ) 2016/10/09

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From deep in my heart I avow now

This pain you feel will soften somehow

And wait in a corner on a shelf

Until you’re ready to face yourself

Be unafraid there’s nothing to fear

You’ll be secure, the vision is clear.

Always remember you’re not alone

You are hooked-up to God’s instant phone

Just call on His name and He’ll be there

To lighten the burden with your prayer !





IT’S PERSONAL ( 2015 ) 2015/01/29

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I am that simple grain of sand

Who tempest tossed waits His command

Sometimes I tire, impatient grown

Where is the fruit of seeds I’ve sown ?

How long must I endure this pain

And when may I relief obtain,

So many questions fill my mind

Where is this peace I yearn to find ?

A gentle voice I seem to hear

It whispers softly in my ear

“This God alone can truly know

He will be there whene’er you go !”




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