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ENDEAVOR ( 2015 ) 2015/01/13

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The night has not been kind to me

I cannot wait till dawn I see

The darkness seems to o’erpower me

I feel my faith and courage flee.

The demons charge my aching heart

I need to seek a brand new start

One I may join and take some part

To help the gloom and fear depart.

Today I hope to try once more

I’ll gather strength for my encore

I’ll pick myself up off the floor

I’ll try to open that last door !


ONE BIG KISS ( 2015 )

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The raindrops trickle down the pane

Small rivulets of falling rain

They gather on the window sill

And tremble with a magic trill.

The song they sing is pitter-pat

Sometimes it’s sharp and sometimes flat

It flutters like a fairy’s wings

And to my heart a love song sings.

I’d like to know who thought of this

And give Him one enormous kiss!


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