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IN JESUS’ NAME ( 2018 ) 2018/04/26

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Let’s pull the bell and ring the chimes

It’s time to welcome latter times

We’ll sing a hymn and raise each voice

To praise the Lord and make our choice.

The day is come, remember this

Christ was betrayed by but one kiss

Oh Judas, if you could have known

Would you have chosen to stay home ?

Accursed your name forever is

Throughout the world, both ours and His

I am so sad you’ve earned this fame

God save us all in Jesus’ name !


HER LAST KISS ( 2018 ) 2018/02/21

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Today’s the day I lost my friend

It seems the pain will never end

There is no way I can replace

Her kind and gentle smiling face.

She made me feel all warm inside

I was her precious joy and pride

It seems that we were meant to be

Best friends through out eternity.

Well here I am, it’s still the same

This hurtful, ugly nagging pain

I guess I’ll learn to live with this

The memory of her last kiss !


ONE BIG KISS ( 2015 ) 2015/01/13

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The raindrops trickle down the pane

Small rivulets of falling rain

They gather on the window sill

And tremble with a magic trill.

The song they sing is pitter-pat

Sometimes it’s sharp and sometimes flat

It flutters like a fairy’s wings

And to my heart a love song sings.

I’d like to know who thought of this

And give Him one enormous kiss!


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