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GOD’ S PALETTE ( 2014 ) 2014/02/06

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We search for the rainbow to show

These colors wherever we go

The blue for the calm of the sky

The yellow to keep our hope high

Green to remind us of rebirth

And brown like the color of earth.

There’s purple to honor our love

Of God and the angels above

While red brings great passion to life

With orange to challenge the strife.

Now lavender favors our past

The pink helps the sweetness to last.

The chartreuse works to calm the mind

But aqua seeks patience to find

The peach has a wonderful glow

And the gray, the wisdom to know.

I think the magenta’s the best

It outshines the whole of the rest

I wonder if God wore a coat

Would pale lily capture His vote ?


LAST CALL ( 2014 )

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I have climbed to the top of the mountain

I have waded the impossible stream

I have suffered through a lifetime of pain

And been part of the American dream.

I have held myself in parade proudly

And have determined that God made us all

I shall answer the last call profoundly

Be it the spring, summer, winter or fall.



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I thought myself alone one day

When voices soon came out to play

They called my name and cheered me on

Return with them to times long gone.

I dreamt I was transported back

To childhoods trust and angers lack

To days of joy when friendships grew

And sharing dreams were things we knew.

Then I awoke to noise and din

Into our world engrossed in sin

I wish I knew how to return

To that safe place of love and learn !


PAST IMAGES ( 2014 )

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There dimly through the window seen

Vast veils of snow upon the green

Old visions of once long ago

Gave credence to the falling snow.

Seems time has lost its human face

That haunted every special place

And greets us all in manner same

Small difference in stance or name.

Snow laden folk in iced disguise

With runny nose and sparkling eyes

Were there to greet us as we passed

Lost images in looking glass.

I’m sad those days have flown away

This world is cold and dark and gray !


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