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THE BELLMAN ( 2014 ) 2014/02/05

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The bells ring out with such joyful sound

The bellmans feet scarce touch the ground

He performs the chore his very best

His effort seems to outdo the rest.

What a happy face he shows to God

As he pulls those cords so extra hard,

What a wond’rous place for us to be

To share this path to eternity !


ONE DAY ( 2014 )

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As danger raps upon the door

To warn me of times settling score

I face the fact that fate won’t wait

Until a more convenient date.

I chuckle now and make a joke

Why must I go, I don’t feel broke ?

A bit of pain just here and there

I won’t complain, I grin and bear.

But time and I have got a date

I know the rules we can’t be late,

To come the day I’ll close my eyes

And it will be one big surprise !



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The times have come the times have gone

Some times were good and some forlorn

The heart remembers with a smile

The days that made our lives worthwhile.

The gentle deeds and loving word

Our ears with gratitude have heard

Are not forgot but linger long

And in our minds repeat the song

That angels in the clouds on high

Will echo till the day we die

That God is love not foolish pride

And comforts us from deep inside !


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