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I C U ( 2016 ) 2016/03/28

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The walls are sterile, antiseptic clean

The floors are silent mopped by hands unseen

The night is long and chill and strangely stark

As tip toe feet cross these halls in the dark.

There is one thought that quickly flashes by

This is a place where few prepare to die

The air is still, but hear the humming sound

As thousands of machines do all surround.

Here nurses try to understand slurred speech

Dealing kindly with parts of pain’s release

Pray time does rapid heal without delay

As some won’t live to see another day !



HANDLE WITH CARE ( 2014 ) 2014/02/13

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Life has taught me so many things

To walk with God and sup with kings

To speak with angels and the saints

Enjoy the pictures nature paints,

To love myself and show respect

To souls who suffer from neglect,

To treasure peace and do my part

To heal lifes pain and ease the heart.

This precious gift I wish to share

Bears this label, “handle with care”

I pray I will not fail this cause

God help me please to tame my flaws !


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