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SACRIFICE ( 2017 ) 2017/05/30

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Hear now the battle marchers’ roar

Sending our children off to war

If not for them who will it be

That gives their life to keep us free ?


THE CROCUS ( 1975 ) 2013/02/13

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See here this insipid sprout prodding through the ground,

A waspish lout daring venture an exit found

From whence it slept secure and safe this winter long

Impatient now to seek the sky and join spring’s song.


This tender waif, intruding bold midst trees still shorn,

Rushing manner that its blossom earth’s green adorn

Oh plowman as you toil, do take especial care

Harm not that fragile wisp that births a flower fair,

Bustling winds their pruning labor still to finish

Hurried rains preparing sod, its growth diminish.


This poor forgotten badge of spring precedes the rest

Bids the heart sing, believe again the earth is blessed,

Slighted and unscented wretch gaining little fame,

Brave crocus how you dare and put the world to shame.


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