Claire V. Bogdanos

Acceptance,Knowledge,Love,New Chapter,Process,Wisdom,

CROSSROADS ( 1974 ) 2013/02/20

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This juncture in time converging slowly with pride

To sort out the goals that are rebelling inside,

Emotional waves flooding the vision obscure

Mediocrity blames an environ demure,

For truth be it known dwindles and fades forbidden

Like the sun from the eyes by a storm cloud hidden.

To seek what is real a task worth compelling

With a righteous anger rising and swelling,

That choice which is made with its judgement deriving

From the depth of the heart and object surviving.


To settle for less, but continue existing

With an absolute will and madness resisting,

Or to strive for a course which endows not our aim

And lies beyond the reach of skills from which we came

Thus find this brief want an indelicate desire,

Arrogant thought amiss, in our race to aspire,

Zealously working in a manner fulfilling,

Escape not the ruse with the subject unwilling.

An apparition that clings to motive intense,

This spectre of a dream persists in seeming sense

Yet knowing in the end, we chose a path unreal

With a wish to consume and the need to conceal.


Hence, settling for less with a passion abounding

Accepting a road steeped in safety astounding

Reaching a moment of decision too callous,

Reality demands truth, bred without malice,

To desert that hope for which we struggled too long

And so seek out a place where our cares can belong.

It’s a delicate ghost of this longing we share

That we’ll call second best adapt, rather than dare,

And stand before the signpost, caution force delay,

Crossroads of our lives can our weaknesses betray.


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