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ON THE MEANING OF WORDS ( 1963 ) 2013/02/20

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Speak gentle words and kindly words and words of heart’s content

Speak tender words and honest words and words of love well meant,

Tell softly in the shadows, and whisper in the rain,

With gladness when there’s laughter, in silence when there’s pain.

For words when steeped in passion, as arrows carry grief,

Fall harsh upon the hearing as wicked as a thief.

Though time, the faithful healer wil mend the broken bone

For illness of the wounded heart, no cure by man be known.


Within the limits of man’s lifespan, very brief indeed,

He’s given the tools to guide him, to fail or to succeed,

And among the very least of these was the gracious gift

Of voice with the magic power to love, and laugh, and lift.

And in all justice fairly, in the truth of every word,

Will the merit of each man, in finality be heard.


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