Claire V. Bogdanos

Acceptance,Knowledge,Love,New Chapter,Process,Wisdom,

MATURITY ( 1978 ) 2013/02/22

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There’s a trembling in my heart, a quivering in my hand,

Just the slightest hint of swirling fluttering where I stand,

A surging rushing  warmth flowing to my utmost parts,

Confusion o’ercoming me with flushing stops and starts,

A headiness and joy that seems now overbearing

Throbbing with desire, timeless thrill beyond comparing,

A timid fascination with thoughts that breathe unreal,

Perchance to open hidden doors and to my heart appeal.

To know that I have passed the age of recognition

With halting hope to dare enthralling expedition

Into the realm I dreamt beyond my aspiration,

There bask in subtle wisps of tender adulation,

To grasp for fleeting time, life’s mute love, morsels glowing

Gentle years no more alone, abide with grace bestowing.


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