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OF SMALL CONSEQUENCE ( 2019 ) 2019/10/11

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One’s  heart grows old  and  tired too

With  oh, so  many  things  to do

Before  I reach the end of  time

When  life will be no longer  mine.

I   close the book   and  ask my  God

Why  life has been  so very  hard

What  can I do to  make amends

To  family and  to my friends ?

I’ve  often  thought the  world we knew

Had  little time  to guide us  through

We  each  are of  small  consequence

And  leave to  God  our  self defense !



FIND SOME HAPPY END ( 2019 ) 2019/02/02

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Have we remembered to say “Thank You”

For all of the kindness that You do

And for the blessings that we receive

Like words of wisdom which we believe.

At times this old world is harsh and crude

And by action, arrogant and rude

Somehow folks assume they make the rules

While the balance of us are all fools.

How sad to think that this is the way

That most of our world reacts today

Let us pray that God does comprehend

And helps us to find some happy end !





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