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THE GAME OF POLITICS ( 2019 ) 2019/07/11

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There is a small refuge one may find

To grant us all  some peace of mind

The sight  observed is  disarrayed

Too many games are  being played.

While  all those values that we’ve known

By winds of  change are  being blown

Who can be  sure our  world survives

This  challenge now as it  revives ?



WHAT I’VE HEARD ( 2016 ) 2016/01/15

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I’ve heard the raucous seagulls by the shore

I’ve watched them dive and fish and dive some more

Their noisy bunch increasing by the score.

I’ve been enthralled by their sheer nautic ease

And watched them as they flew o’er stormy seas

Do they fare well in winter’s wind-swept freeze ?

I cannot guess the challenges they face

Or how it is they have survived life’s chase

But sure am I that they have kept apace.

Tis strange that God has chosen all the birds

To echo the full measure of His words,

“That neither sow nor reap”, is not absurd !



EXTRA STUFF ( 2016 ) 2016/01/13

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The walls about familiar be

They are a comfort here to me

The air I breathe is full of scents

And gathers round as my defense.

I find the years have winnowed down

The items I now keep around

Perhaps with time we all abuse

The many things we fail to use.

Some dear old friends remain intact

A cherished book that’s eared exact

A box of photos on the shelf

Mementos of my younger self.

Whoever thought I’d live so long

I would declare that they were wrong

Four score and five is time enough

To gather tons of extra stuff !



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