Claire V. Bogdanos


DEEP MYSTERY ( 1972 ) 2013/02/20

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The smell of pine so heady on the evening breeze

Reminding me of night’s communing with the trees,

The cushion of dry needles covering the ground

I walk upon with lagging step makes lively sound

It matters not what wistful hours the heart has spent

Observing nature’s complex scheme and complement

Forevermore a wonderment this world must be

All sight and sound to witness night’s infinity.


When all those eyes that stare from dark and distant space

Constant staid from beginning time within their place,

Deep mystery when I myself cannot recall

Oh what flat spot my fleeing footsteps did last fall.

Of all the thoughts that race within the agile mind,

Search and never such accomplishment to find,

As needle, cone or sturdy tree, this fancy strike,

Numberless will bloom and grow with no two alike.

Great blessing that deep wisdom ruled since life began

Including this unspoken pact twixt God and man.


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