Claire V. Bogdanos


A BETTER PLAN ( 2019 ) 2019/03/28

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It happens every day I wake

My early morning “thankful” break

When I meet God  ’bout halfway there

And offer up a simple prayer.

There can be tears I must admit

Sometimes I  find it hard to quit

But even harder through the day

When I would rather run away.

That’s not an action worthy of

The special depths of mother love

I’ll have to learn as best I can

That God must have a better plan !


2 Responses to “A BETTER PLAN ( 2019 )”

  1. I have been slipping up lately…

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  2. Do you mean forgetting some ? Me too, mind is too cluttered and not enogh time to get little jobs done ? I’m writing notes on small squares of paper and taping to relevant sections about the house, living alone all these years is taking it’s toll ! I am still dependent on walker to get about, bummers ! Life sure plays tricks on us all, be well and go slowly ! You guys have your hands full now, eh ? Looks like we are accelerating daily, think God is getting more annoyed ? Hahaha !

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