Claire V. Bogdanos

Acceptance,Knowledge,Love,New Chapter,Process,Wisdom,

THERE IS NO CURE ( 2020 ) 2020/02/11

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This pain  I feel,  unending  bad

So  far the worst of what I’ve had

I  don’t know how  to stop the ache

It’s  all too real,  no space for  fake.

Somehow  I have  to clear my mind

And  beg of God,  His peace to find

What  is the next that I must do

I  need a moment  to think  through.

The  road ahead  is  blank and dim

I  can’t  proceed,  not without  Him

I’m lost  alone without  a cure

The  end  draws near  of this I’m  sure

God  is my anchor  tried and true

To  Him,  I’ll  be one of His  crew !


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