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GOD’S RAINBOW COLORS ( 2017 ) 2017/09/29

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Blossoms in the garden, how shall we bear their loss

Soon the winds of autumn will all their petals toss

How often in past summers and the springtimes too

That flowers smiled and waved most of each daytime through.

All the fragile magic and all the fragrant smells

Folded in those tiny buds resting in their shells

What would this world look like without the shades of green

Plus God’s rainbow colors and everything between ?



VANISHED ( 2014 ) 2014/12/04

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No flower sweet by any name

Shall diminish the roses’ fame

Her nest of petals circled round

Wherein the heart of love is found.

While velvet touch upon the cheeks

Doth wilt away when silence speaks

These precious words that do not last

Are gone as blooms must fade and pass,

The joy of early rosebuds’s blush

Will vanish with our breath’s last rush !



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