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EXCUSE me, in the past weeks I have had another one of my inconvenient strokes, 28 or 29, I can’t remember !  So I followed my routine, packing my trusty bible and necessities in a small bag as I checked into the ER of the Hoboken University Medical Center on Third Street where I am a frequent flyer since 1978.  I’ve had 2 major strokes, 3 DVT’s, and sundry TIA’s which help explain both my wheelchair and passion for prayer !  My experience at this former Franciscan Facility has managed to be a bright spot in an otherwise frightening environ for many years. However I really do miss the old nuns who were an integral part of the staff since the hospital’s inception in 1863. (Civil War). Now that the last of the nuns, Sister Theresa, has been permanently transferred to the Motherhouse Retirement Home out of state, an era has come to an end !  She was a longtime acquaintance, sorely missed, who referred to me as Phil Casella’s friend ( he being a 3rd order Franciscan )!  I’ve been okay with that recommendation ! We’ve been friends for almost 40 years, and known to most as Mrs. B. since my family and I fed Hoboken for mega years and that included clergy, doctors, police, fire fighters, Maxwell House, politicians, Stevens Institute, Tetley Tea, Hostess Cake, Continental Can to mention a very few ! Who remembers historic HOBOKEN House ? The staff at Hoboken Hospital is a true Americana mix, Hispanic, Indian, Filipino, Sihk, Czech, Russian, Korean, Asian, Irish, Greek, Italian, Black to name a few !  First time I needed St. Mary was spring 1957 when my son Matthew suffered severe skull fracture, successfully treated by my hero the late Dr. Sam Critedes !  This is a very busy place with 1st floor heroes Geraldine, Alba and Barry, et al, knowledgeable and caring.  The ER has both Ria, Maria, Jason and scads of others deserving kudos for their attention and concern.  I am fond of the staff on the 4th floor ( monitors only ) HaHa !  Where Charlotte, Amos, Minnie, Pattie, Diana, Paolo hold sway !  Mustn’t forget dietitians, kitchen staff and others who cook once-over-easy to die for !  Well I’m home now recuperating and forever grateful to all of those great professionals !  Thanks a lot !        Sincerely,         Claire B.


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