Claire V. Bogdanos


NO MORE TIME ( 2016 ) 2016/08/04

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There are those days I can’t explain

Why sunshine makes me  feel like rain

Or why a rainbow in the sky

Compels one to begin to cry

There’s so much good I’d like to share

If only there were some to care.

But I’m afraid those folks I knew

Have disappeared, all but a few

And fate has stolen every friend

Too long before their life should end

It seems there’s great conspiracy

To hasten world propriety.

We’re relics of another time

Another place, another clime

There’s no space left for us to fit

We’ll have to make the best of it

While stating this we must resign

It’s over now we’ve no more time !


2 Responses to “NO MORE TIME ( 2016 )”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    Love this, Claire!! God has given you an amazing gift of being able to express yourself with words. How old were you when you realized you had this gift?

    Carolyn Baxter Hereford, Texas

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    • Since I’m 6, haha ! Thanks, I have no control but have been trying to scale down size and use smaller words if possible. My earlier stuff was a bit highfalutin, as my nana used to say ! In other words, pompous ! Haha ! I really do wake up with words in my head and have always carried pen and pad even in the loo ! Be well ! My teachers always accused my mother of writing my essays and compositions sadly ! Poor thing, she couldn’t write but could sure spell, my nana on the other hand wrote phonetically with a 2nd grade education, my mom left school at 12 years old. But all were story tellers and mediums, do you know what that is ? I come from a long line of psychics, a difficult history to explain and more difficult to escape hence my conversations with God !


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