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CONTINUITY ( 1970 ) 2013/05/26

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Oh, still and peaceful starlit night,

With not a whispered breeze in sight,

Those rustic arms that reach too bare,

Oblique, into the sky now stare,

And seeming wait, for some small gift

Falling from space and earthward drift.


Now stark and graceless awkward tree

Like autumn wind reminding me

Years fall one upon another,

Swiftly reason to discover,

These arms that long to grasp and lift

Embrace the wind cast time adrift.


Thus ageless trees with patience stand

Their vast retinue in command,

Through darkest night or brightest morn,

This faceless wonder earth adorn.


INTROSPECTION ( 1979 ) 2013/05/25

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As I ponder those emotions past with feeling

Unto my thoughts a certain wisdom appealing,

It’s the sentiment I recall though not the love

Which fleeting time did somehow wither lust above,

Wherefore have I been, what lucid thoughts have I held

The pressing loss that truth indeed for lack compelled,

The stress did seem unreal and reason query why,

An ending to my passion, for this need imply.

Our lifespan covers a limited time, ought more,

And wanton waste, the seasons of our life deplore,

There are nought other worlds to conquer in our quest

To seek, enjoy, fulfill and leave behind the rest

Hence, can we not to live content with who we are,

For love as such, may curry favor near or far.


TIMING (1968 ) 2013/05/23

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When I have watched ten thousand clouds pass

overhead and seen

Them pass again this way no more in

splendor’s show serene,

When I have held the dearest heart close

to my breast once more

And known a love without a fear I

never knew before,

When I have filled my wildest dreams and

spent my sweetest day,

When there is nothing left to learn and

nothing left to say,

When all of time continues on as

if it faced no end

And I have told my last farewell to

lover and to friend,

When all my tears and hopes are gone and

life wills no delay

Then may I close my eyes in sleep and

blow my breath away.


ENGLAND ( 1950 ) 2013/05/18

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This delicate jewel that reigns across the sea

Still clouded by the mist and slightly faded shade

Rules with repute amid fame of greater glory

While the events of years her impotence betrayed.

Basking in the shadow of one bright diadem

Views stolen from another end of the rainbow

Lending character to this aged waning gem

That here exists with honor and respect in tow.


Noble crescent from whence came seeds of our beginnings

Once hidden by the tiresome toss and chance of time

In retrospect with pride that contemplation brings

See truth and in that single act, dower confine.


TIMES VISION ( 2001 ) 2013/05/08

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Of all the chains the years have forged I’ve born with charity

One timeless and external torch can light no way for me

And darkens still this foolish path that will not set me free,

Igniting every shallow thought that clouds my destiny.

There is a time that shall impound

The freedom once that I had found

Which must with force my life surround

Until that day my breath’s unbound.

While madness round me all about pursues a course that’s weak

There is no simple answer to the honest end I seek,

Foolish aims that restless be have no mind nor tongue to speak

And bind my heart to olden dreams with courage often meek.

Brief chance has come and too soon passed

To rend my days with currents fast

Faith binds my hopes with vision vast,

Time leads my sight to grace at last.


TOO OFTEN ( 2001 )

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Oft I have heard a stranger say

That home is but a mile away,

And oft I’ve heard a comic say

That laughter’s but a smile away.

Oft I have heard a suitor say

That love is but a kiss away

And oft I’ve heard the preacher say

That God is just a prayer away.

Oft have I heard the wounded say

That help is but a cry away

And oft I’ve heard a soldier say

Peace is just one battle away.

Oft have I heard an artist say

Achievement’s just a task away

And oft I’ve heard the dying say

Salvation’s but a breath away.


Oft have I heard my own heart say

Tomorrow’s but a day away,

More oft I’ve heard a wiseman say

The truth is but a lie away.


OBSERVATION ( 2001 ) 2013/04/18


The fog slips in like a shroud eclipsing the panorama

of the mountain’s sides

Where life is as a winging that must soar above the pall

or suffer all it hides.

Some context of this vast unchartered wilderness which

is the confines of my heart

And breeches o’er those valleys, there within the depths

of ignorance that was my start,

Has brought to me upon its beaten breast a shallow

consciousness of what I am

That whistles on the winds of plains wherein reside both

king of beasts and gentle lamb.


There time itself will bare the seed that lives with joy

or dies alone in discontent

As it fulfills an aim that is the longing of the soul or

of the mind, intent.

To move with space and wander in its bright expanse

beneath the sky where mood began

There, confirming this great world is an elegant cushion

for the footfalls of man

And as such must cradle his intense wish to dream and

hope and love and laugh and cry,

For man without one dream is a garden that never blooms

and does not wonder why.


CLOCKS ( 2004 ) 2013/04/05

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The clock that ticks upon the wall

And ornaments my entrance hall

Relates to me in simple ways

How swiftly pass the present days.

Two hands that click away their prime

Will meet at one appointed time

And greeting, pass that way once more

To reach for sky or stretch for floor.

Those hands may touch yet never clasp

They savor time but never grasp

One faithful hour to keep it safe

With seconds lost and minutes waif.



Thus I have learned, because I thought

That clocks have many pleasures brought

But only as they count the space

That waits between each precious place

Wherein resides a loving touch

That dwindles fast and matters much.


WINTER THOUGHTS ( 1965 ) 2013/02/20

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Winter winds of unkind passion,

Rushing on rude in your fashion

Hurry, scurry, leaving your chill

Breath catching, harshly cold and still.

Like the winter winds of my life

Hurrying on riddled with strife

Leaving me, season gone, love cold,

Breathing thoughts rife with desire old.


Wailing wind make way new pursuit,

Failing time deceive mind astute

Press on, undo encroaching frost

Courage and warmth now seeming lost.

Another time to thaw the bind

That chains the heart to wit unkind

For to the year there are seasons

And to my life, left but reason.


Cringe not in fear of hidden things

Daring sport this harsh season brings,

Watch raging wind blow brash and bold,

My youth unflung, my dream untold.

Like those winter winds of my mind

Huddling close lest bleak time should find

Could we but loneliness endure,

Had seen a sheltered cove secure.


While winter winds, though hard they blow

Make empty sounds, with loving flow

Into the sea with hope unbent

To speak of yearning’s discontent.

Let season brake on wisdom known,

And whittle reeds on challenge grown,

Thus live ones time with purpose strong

And to the race of strength belong.


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