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WHATEVER PLEASES ME ( 2020 ) 2020/02/07

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Oh  how I wish  that I might  be

An  apple on an  apple  tree

Or  strawberries  upon a plate

With  breakfast served by half past eight.

Perhaps a glass of  orange juice

Or  portion  of vanilla  mousse

Oh  how much fun  that  it would be

To  eat  whatever  pleases  me.

Now cookies,  cake  and things  like that

Go  pretty  far to add  some  fat

So  I’ll  abstain  best as I  can

But  I refuse to  give  up  flan !


OCCASIONAL VISITORS ( 2016 ) 2016/09/30

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I had some company today

They were scratch-scratching on my door

They really hadn’t come to play

Although I knew what they came for !

There is a shelf about so high

That from the doorway you can see

And on it those treats that you buy

Stuffed into jars filled with goodies.

“Well how are you” said I to them

Two pair of eyes grew very wide

“How nice to see you once again

And would you like to come inside ?”

They never seem to make a mess,

They leave no crumbs upon the floor

They are polite and cause no stress

And leave no paw prints on my door !


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