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ANGER ( 1981 ) 2013/06/09

I stand upon some mountain’s peak

To gather words with which I’ll speak,

Inform the world that I have learned

What wisdom bought and patience earned.

Too oft I’ve seen and much too late

That human love is laced with hate

And chiding words while meaning well

Through futile waste and time dispel

An arrow that lays deeply bound

Into the breast that it has found.

And so it is that as I strayed

I heard the ache of those who preyed,

I saw the grief of those who need

Much loving care and special heed.


I turned away and tip-toed passed

My pulse beat loud, my breath came fast

I bowed my head with hidden shame

And damned the cause for which I came

Such weariness within my soul

One endless search for self-control.

Am I not bold to travel on

To seek this myth of Avalon?


ONE ROSE ( 1991 )

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One rose does not a garden make

One blow does not a spirit break,

One wall does not a boundary build

One  task marks not a craftsman skilled.

One tear cannot a river fill

Nor silence can a heartbeat still.

One hope that’s dashed against a wall

Can’t will a mind to halt or fall.

One plan that dies before its birth

Can’t cloud a life and all it’s worth.


One fear does not a coward curse

Nor anger sharpen speaker terse.

One wish does not a dreamer hail

One song creates no nightingale.

One thought that carries on its breath

One psalm to lift the pall of death

May gift to all of those that stay

Some glimpse of but another way.

Ideals are part of poet’s dreams

And linger long past use, it seems.


“ Farewell” need not make friendship bend

While death can’t force real love to end.



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