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GOOD MORROW, SWEET MASTER ( 1985 ) 2013/06/06

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Today I looked out o’er my roof and reached into the skies

And wonderment consumed my mind ere I did realize.

“ Why spring is coming soon” I thought, my mind became alive,

I sent a little prayer to God my garden would survive.

Sometimes I think that I react too swiftly and too soon

Yet all the seeds that earth has hid are readying to bloom.

My garden spreads much happiness where calm and peace abide

And if the world’s in deep turmoil, I’m safe and sure inside.

Now soon the bulbs will sprout again and showtime will arrive

And aims that went to sleep last year will somehow be revived.

Last night I shivered in the cold and thought what dark provides

A resting space, a quiet place, a niche where challenge hides.

The healing need for body sore or tired limbs implore

When all of life’s complexities by choice I may ignore.

And as I pass my time this way no creature will I mar

I simply wish to join God’s host that waits upon His star.

While here and there some snow remains reminding me of pain

The dripping ice above the wall vows warmth will come again.

Should I awake this way once more and wonder what I am

I will remember that each day has purpose and a plan

And while my life continues this timeless hope I knew

To be a part and follow in His countless retinue.


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