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EULOGY ( 1968 ) 2013/06/05

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Glitter tinsel bright and gold

Shimmer lantern white and old

My father’s face, the frown he wore

The visage seen from long before,

The namesake not at all alike

Comparing man and tiny tyke,

Had hoped to be but some akin

Again that we delight in him,

But not yet so nor ever be

That any, all, should be as he.


What are we that we leave but nought

Of what we’ve been or might have thought?

Seems all that’s left e’er we depart

Are mem’ries dim in aging heart,

A stone to recollect the day

We came and that we passed away.

A pittance small for life’s demand

A wage not worthy of command.


The moral in this wretched thought

That time can neither hide nor fraught,

Is simple in its elegance

A matter of small eloquence

The one impact to which we’re heir

While most unjust and too unfair,

‘Tis seeming most depraved to think,

We stand, we tremble on the brink

We come and go both heart and mind

And never leave a trace behind.


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