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DATELINE : Hoboken, NJ, USA ” MAGIC WORDS ” ( 2013 ) 2013/06/10

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Do I have your attention?  Oh good, because today I’d like to introduce you to 5  ” magic words “, the keys to the kingdom.  I promised my children that these words, used properly,  would guarantee them success in life,  not in terms financial,  but in terms of peace and joy,commodities in short supply .  These words are:  ” PLEASE “, ” THANK YOU “,  ” SORRY”,” MA’AM “, and ” SIR ”  ( as in ” no ma’am”  or  ” yes sir ” ). ” Please ” and ” Thank you ” stand on their own merits and need no instructions !  However my family had difficulty accepting the responsibility of  ” Sorry “, does this sound familiar?  “Why?” you ask. ” Sorry ” does not signify your guilt. It simply reinforces your concern for others.  You should be sorry when you observe someone in stress or pain,  don’t you agree ? Therefore,   this word connotes genuine empathy in a world which appears to have lost its ” humanity “! If I do not agree with you on an issue,   I apologize and doesn’t that help you to experience less antagonism?    Now as regards the use of ” Ma’am ” and ” Sir “,   these words are a show of respect, another disappearing ” nuance ” of our fading society  ( with the exception of the military ). Structure plays a larger role in achieving personal success in as much as it utilizes our best qualities when necessary and these words form a part of that ! They indicate that we do care and will make an effort to listen with respect.   Am I mistaken?



Claire B.


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