Claire V. Bogdanos

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VANITY ( 1993 ) 2013/02/08

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From the smallest bulging spike that pierces through the dense ground

To the tallest tree whose lofty limbs must ones sight astound

The will of nature’s strength and wealth with its power showing

Where wonderment exists carried on the crest of flowing.

The foolishness of we who think our minds improve the world

Yet little see that without thought the system thrives unspoiled.


Pure vanity to trust that man dispenses breath to life,

Man so like a storm ravages this earth with force and strife

To boast of minute contributions, pointing thus with pride

Not mindful of that sad moment when aim and use collide.

While death, time’s faithful harvester, a worker most devout

Proves in the end the fact that nature’s all life is about.


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