Claire V. Bogdanos


ONE PROMISE ( 2019 ) 2019/09/16

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Oh  dearest Lord,  what shall I do

My stay on earth too soon is  through

I  leave my  love  and heart behind

For family  and  friends  to find.

But if  I’m gone and no one’s  there

Who will  be  left to truly  care,

I  pray  that you remember me

With  kindness  and simplicity.

My  closing  thought regarding  this

To seal my word  with one  last  kiss

I  charge  you now  for all  times sake

This  is a  promise I  shan’t   break !





2 Responses to “ONE PROMISE ( 2019 )”

  1. bwcarey Says:

    it’s never over, your Spirit is a living thing, enjoy the journey, AMEN


  2. Thank you for your encouraging thoughts ! God bless !


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