Claire V. Bogdanos


SOLO FLIGHT ( 2016 ) 2016/05/04

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There are those days I wish that I

Could clip-on wings and learn to fly

Think how much fun that task would be

To soar across both land and sea.

I’d spread my wings like eagles bold

And head on south in winter’s cold

There would not be a need to pack

I’d wear a knapsack on my back.

That sure might be a funny sight

One old grandma on her first flight !


2 Responses to “SOLO FLIGHT ( 2016 )”

  1. except I’m scared of heights


  2. No that’s okay, you can glide under the radar ! Hahaha, hope you are doing fine, me, I’m back in Rehab again, it’s so not fun, haha ! But like the Energizer bunny I just keep moving ! Have you been following our news coverage ? It’s Laurel and Hardy all over again ! Love from lower Utopia, Claire.


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