Claire V. Bogdanos


I NEED A FRIEND ( 2015 ) 2015/12/01

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I look outside, what do I see

A darkened sky that threatens me

An empty street that’s void of life

No sign of commerce, trade or strife.

I’m grateful for my quiet space

Right now I need a resting place

When will all of this chaos end

I sure could use a real good friend !


3 Responses to “I NEED A FRIEND ( 2015 )”

  1. So I woke up this morning and saw this and thought me too. Then I thought I have Jesus. I love you Mom.


  2. I think you have one…

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  3. I do, I do, especially that Big Guy upstairs, right ? And lately the pain has subsided which is a bonus. I pray that my thoughts may help others who are trying to find a happy place between empty and full ! Thanx for feedback ! Sincerely, Claire B.


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