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MAKE THE GRADE ( 2016 ) 2016/01/23

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I have viewed God’s holy mountain and I’ve dreamt to touch His star

But I know that in my mission the long journey is too far

I have questioned every moment and my purpose is select

I remember every detail with true passion and respect.

I have trod the ancient pathway in my search for joy above

In the end I have examined certain qualities of love

I’ve considered all the factors and weighed each choice I have made

And now come to one decision only God can make the grade !


APPLAUSE ( 2015 ) 2015/09/17

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Each morning as my body stirs

My mind awakes, my heart concurs

And here I lie, incumbent still

I’m loathe to rise, I’ve lost my will.

My bed is warm and soft and safe

Protected from the phantom wraith

For God alone is my true cause

And nought but He earns my applause.

The time draws near when we must meet

And I will cower at His feet !


STORMY WEATHER ( 2015 ) 2015/05/10

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I had a dream the other night

And woke from slumber with a fright

The late air whined it seemed to say

A storm is due some time today.

The wind rushed through the limbs of trees

And shuddered quickly in the breeze

The darkened clouds did hesitate

While all about were in a state

There in the gloom one ray of light

Did pierce the sky and caught my sight,

Perhaps the storm may change its mind

Now wouldn’t that be super fine ?


STOP THE CLOCKS ( 2015 ) 2015/03/29

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I wish that I could stop the clocks

Or pause their bold tick-tock, tick-tocks

They tick away the hours we’ve got

And hasten what will be our lot.

That minute comes without delay

When we must face our exit day

Be strong because twill meet us all

Who knows if it be spring or fall.

Arrive it does be sure of that

Don’t pack a bag, you need no hat

There’s no rewinding anywhere

For tis the end of life’s affair !


YOUR CHOICE ( 2014 ) 2014/10/25

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I am the vision you once knew

When you believed dreams could come true

I am the hope born in your heart

When life first had its fragile start.

I am the power you need to live

With courage and the strength to give

I am the choice you had to make

Decide to bend or chance to break

What shall you do as time draws near

The final choice is yours and here !



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There are these things that we hold dear

The right to life that’s free of fear

A sense of self we must not lose

A love of God, our right to choose

And faith in those who will not fail

To keep our values unassailed !


FREEDOM’S SONG ( 2014 ) 2014/10/15

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I like to sing aloud and long

A sweet and joyous feel good song

All about the home of the brave

Where freedom’s free and must be saved !

This land where gold lines every street

That is if you will move your feet

Get out of bed and use your mind

There is a treasure you shall find !

While sloth may be the choice you make

And ignorance the path you take,

You won’t believe what joy it brings

Until success does give you wings !


GOOD AND BAD ( 2014 ) 2014/10/13

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Those ships that rode the ocean waves

And carried freedmen, foes and slaves

To this wild land across the sea

Did in the end find liberty.

This journey took full many years

Filled with great loss, a trillion tears

When most began their hopeful trek

From faraway on wooden deck.

We here today may look about

And view their voyage with no doubt

It took true courage which they had

To build this nation, good and bad !



ENDINGS ( 2014 ) 2014/05/11

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This heart of mine that has known fear

Is old and tired, pock-marked and sere

And has no time for words unclear

Or foolish thoughts too insincere !

The problem if one feels inclined

To make excuse for acts unkind

When rather is, it should not be

The power of God must flower free !

Scant time is left to make amends

To heal the wounds or curry friends

In days to come we must decide

Will we partake that final ride !


FOLLOW THE SUN ( 2014 ) 2014/02/13

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God is my true compass along lifes road

He channels my ship no matter the load

He bellows the wind and pushes the tide

Wherever I go, He travels beside.

I’ve known for awhile I am not alone

How patient He when my goal is unknown

In the terrible tempest living brings

He’s there at the helm and when the bell rings.

We’ve traveled quite far soon our journey’s done

We’re off to the west to follow the sun !


OLD FRIEND ( 2013 ) 2013/10/14

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I’ll speak of death reluctantly as my old friend

Who seems to grasp farewell and hold on to the end

This silent one whom I have grown accustomed to

Is now my close companion ’til my life is through.

We have spent  so much time in near proximity

I oft forget he’s there and is my enemy

I cannot quite recall the instant that we met

A sad time and dark place I’d hoped I could forget.

To realize that life can be so full of woe

Be quick to learn there is ought other space to go

The time has dwindled down to greet the end of days

When each of us must choose the path that goes or stays.


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