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SLIPPING AWAY ( 2019 ) 2019/07/18

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It seems  my life is  slipping  away

The  pull gets stronger  day after day

How  shall one  decide  which  way to go

Is there  a clue we  have need  to know

What  has  happened  to  ” home  of the  free ”

An  example  of  true  liberty ?

The chaos that  reigns  over our land

That used  to be this  nation  so grand

Became a  faction we  have  to chase

Hard  as we  may to change or  erase

Whatever  prayers that  need to  be said

Do say  them now  before we  are dead !


STAND UP ( 2016 ) 2016/10/29

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The more I see the more I think

This world it totters on the brink

Seems no solution has appeared

The final outcome is quite clear

We’re on the eve of some attack

How shall we win our freedom back ?

I hear the sound of our retreat

We need to get back on our feet

Stand up for what you know is right

We can’t afford to lose this fight !



ALRIGHT AGAIN ( 2016 ) 2016/08/30

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The mind has trod a narrow path

With subtle warnings nature hath

Endowed the shadows of the past

In tyrannies that failed to last.

We find ourselves in madness caught

Another lesson to be taught

Insanities surround us all

How shall we answer to the call ?

Our lives so very full of pain

When shall we feel alright again ?



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