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INCLUDING LOVE ( 2017 ) 2017/06/01

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There is one thing of which I’m sure

This world we know is not secure

There is no written promise that

Our hopes and dreams will not fall flat

We none of us have guarantees

But are tenacious if you please.

No warranties or money back

Be ready for life’s sneak attack

Just place your faith in God above

Give all you’ve got including love !


ANGELS FLY ( 2017 )

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There is no way one can explain

Why children love to splash in rain

Or why the mud is so much fun

In which to slide upon one’s bun.

There’s no accounting for the joy

That comes to every girl or boy

To screech as loudly as they may

To frighten every bug away.

Or why each babe will play with you

The game grownups call “peekaboo”

And truly I do not know why

They all believe that angels fly !




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