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NO REGRETS ( 2017 ) 2017/06/09

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There are some days I still recall

When all my babies were quite small

They laughed a lot and cried some too

Midst pillows, quilts, scissors and glue.

The kitchen floor, their happy place

With lessons and great playing space

It was the classroom served them best

That through the years withstood each test.

I relish now the times we had

When all were young, not yet a lad

So full of hope who could forget

And nothing left to hold regret !





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I loved my father I sure did

That is a fact I never hid

I wonder what he’d think of me

If he were here today to see.

With all the years that he’s been gone

Seems now to be a time too long

I wonder how we two might greet

If ever we should chance to meet ?

Well that is just pure fantasy

Though I sure wish that it could be !




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