Claire V. Bogdanos


TEARS ( 2016 ) 2016/12/29

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My tears all tumble down I cannot halt their flow

I’ve tried so very hard they’ve nowhere else to go

I weep for the lost, the forgotten, broken, bruised

Those children who have been discarded or abused

Teardrops like summer rain keep getting in the way

How I wish I could find one tearless sunny day.

I see that times are hard for those upon the road

Though even in that past when God had shared the load

I’m sure He is still there along that rugged trail

All we can do is pray His efforts will not fail !


2 Responses to “TEARS ( 2016 )”

  1. God is there, in the tears of His people


  2. Thank you, I don’t know what you get in the way of actual news, however we are in a serious situation ! The government appears to be spitting in Russia’s face with what we perceive to be prevaricated reports and have now expelled at least 35 minor diplomats today, we are placing numerous sanctions on Russia itself for what can only be perceived as spurious reasons. No one has seen a single iota of proof and Obama threatens that our new president can not take office in 20 days as he is incompetent and not capable of handling this dangerous situation ! So we have another crisis to get through before his term ends ! Everyday is another announcement of theft of billions from another arm of the government, it is endless and the press covers nothing ! The only source is cablenews and newsprint with no verification available, although we are told it is so super secret no one may have eyes on it, not senators, governors or legislators ! We are told that Russia manipulated election results for Trump ! Are you hearing any of this overseas ? Please let me know ! My son was part of Centcom for 10+ years and has been traveling to Rome, Stockholm, TelAviv, et cetera these many months to prevent this situation, but was fired last year because he would not sign on, he was 35 years USMC, Colonel, led NATO troops . You can google him, same last name ! Thanx ! Claire VB


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